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In Teach to the Heart, the author shares vital tips and techniques to enhance the entire teaching experience.  In a world where children have been mentally and emotionally impaired by the violence surrounding them, both as a daily reality and through various forms of entertainment, life has become increasingly complicated. Even so, they hope to be treated with kindness and understanding, and do their best to encourage this through their own actions.  Some try to please by being well-behaved and well-mannered, while others strive for dignity and compassion. All have their problems, and their reasons to cry, but there is still hope in every heart, and a genuine desire to be accepted and loved.

Reaching those hearts is what this book is all about.  

The students featured here are not unlike students everywhere, waiting for just the right teacher to reach them in just the right way.

Are you that teacher?  If so, you are truly blessed!  ---RM

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